By 2050 there will be no multi billion dollar company that does not leverage a powerful ecosystem.

DEEP Ecosystems invests in entrepreneurs who build ecosystems

The 2-year ecosystem acceleration and the DEEPSEA program enable entrepreneurs to develop world-class innovation systems and to raise funds for their activities via public funding applications and the development of own business models.


We Accelerate Membership-Driven Coalitions for Ecosystem Growth

Entrepreneurial ecosystems drive the emergence of novel markets of global scale. If you are striving to be a pioneer, start your journey with us.

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Public and private investors fund the growth of new markets

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Ecosystem Hubs





>4mn €

Data & Intelligence

Work with the Startup Heatmap data and research team to become a thought leader.

Global Network

A global partner network, access to global tech events and you can run your own ecosystem conference.

Innovation Scouting

Get our database with 500+ new startups every quarter and you learn how to scout yourself.

Ecosystem Growth

Blueprints for workshops and hub memberships to bring in institutional players.

Public Funding

Opportunities of >120mn € per year, help with consortium building and unique concepts that win

A Co-Investment for Growth

  • No upfront cost for participants
  • Complete alignment of interest based on revenue share
  • Run an Ecosystem Hack in your City to get guaranteed seats

Bring a Startup Ecosystem Hack or Weekend to your City:


Form international growth coalitions by startups for startups.

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Benefit from DEEP's experience in FoodTech and catch-up in this market

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Blue Economy

Do not miss the opportunity to create a vibrant blue economy ecosystem in your region.

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Hackers and visionaries unite in the web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

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Support impact communities with an Ecosystem Hack and Accelerator.

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Your own Topic

Create an ecosystem under your own terms and find others to build it with you.

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Our Ecosystem Hub Model

Become an Institutional Partner


Support DEEP Ecosystems and connect with emerging hub leaders early-on and get up to speed on the latest vertical and regional trends in the startup industry.

Benefits include:

  • Access to Ecosystem Leader Network
  • Tickets to DEEP Ecosystems Conference and Partner Events
  • Join Data Collabs with Ecosystem Leaders to create co-branded reports and content
  • Tailor-made social media posts promoting your ecosystem
  • Full data access and tailor-made analysis in quarterly reports
  • Quarterly 1:1 sessions with data analyst
  • Access Premium Publications
  • Access to DEEP Academy Online Courses
  • Promotion of your Startup Opportunities in social media, newsletter and website
  • Customized presentation on Startup Heatmap Platform as city, accelerator or topical landing page.
  • Monthly Public Funding Monitor
  • Consortium Building for Public Funding Applications

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Collaborate with the hottest emerging ecosystems around the globe and access their insights, startups, and networks.

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Further Offers

Ecosystem Health Check

Science-based methodology to analyse the ecosystem you are operating in and defining system-wide KPIs to monitor or impact its performance.

  • Scientifically-based Ecosystem Health Check with 8 metrics covering the startup community, the entrepreneurship support network,  social capital as well as governance.
  • Balanced analysis of quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Benchmark analysis with interantional peers
  • Development of recommendations for improvement

Ecosystem Reports

The fastest way to produce a strong publication on your startup scene. Use the ready-made survey, methodology, benchmark data and templates to create a stunning report on your ecosystem report.

  • Established methodology to get hassle-free analytics in a short time
  • >8 years of historical data in European benchmark cities
  • Get data on the most important indicators and compare against London, Berlin or regional champions
  • Flexible report templates to produce great looking publications
  • Expandable design to include further data points from your own research

Ecosystem Hack

Develop a strong vision for your ecosystem and bring onboard all your stakeholders in this 3-week program with international ecosystem experts.

  • Vision development based on data-driven analysis
  • Interactive workshop to map out opportunities in defined future fields
  • Ecosystem Project Canvas to guide project ideation and first feasibility check
  • International experts, serial entrepreneurs, unicorn investors or changemakers as sparring partners

DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator (DEEPSEA)

We are investing in new eocsystem projects via our DEEPSEA program. We provide growth support and funding opportunities to founder communities who are ambitious and bold.

  • Structured support in the conceptualization, partnership strategy and fundraising strategy
  • Data-driven insights and best practices from successful startup hubs
  • Access to world-wide network of innovation professionals
  • Support in the visibility of your program and attraction of startups and investors
  • Funding opportunities from private and public side


DEEP Ecosystem Conference

Bring the DEEP's global community of influential ecosystem leaders to your city and invite your local actors to initiate moonshot collaborations for exponential growth.

  • Host the DEEP Ecosystems Conference in your city & brainstorm project ideas
  • Define challenges & publish a call for the most promising project ideas
  • Offer a multi-week support in form of the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator in the setup of new innovation projects in all stages from incubation to scale-up phase
  • Access to international partnerships & connection to world-renown entrepreneurs
  • Fundraising strategy development & scouting of matching funding opportunities



Innovation Scouting

Our venture experts have over 10 years of scouting experience, working with innovation units of global corporates as well as VC firms. We are happy to design a tailor-made scouting strategy and execute a search for just the right startups relevant to your technology and innovation goals.

  • A clear scouting strategy aligned with your goals.
  • Defined search profile based on geography, stage, revenue sums, and team composition.
  • Access to network of local startup experts across Europe.
  • Longlist with potential matches.
  • Detailed company profiles of shortlisted companies based on research and interviews.
  • Warm introduction where there is mutual interest.