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Your Ecosystem Vision

We'd like to understand more about your ecosystem, its current state and where you want to bring it within the next 2 years?

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Which city / region or vertical are you representing?

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What is your Vision in 1 sentence? (E.g. build a leading Crypto Hub in my hometown)

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What is the big challenge you have identified and set out to tackle? E.g. our ecosystem is not international, we don't have climate solutions, we don't find funding...

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In the next 6 months, what activities would you like to focus on as a DEEP Ecosystems member?

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International Network: Organize impactful events


Ecosystem Intelligence: Create unprecedented industry insights


Innovation Scouting: Match the best startups with the leading Corporates


Ecosystem Growth: Unite stakeholders for a bold vision


Public Funding: Secure international and national funds

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What are long-term objectives that you are interested on beyond the next 6 months?

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International Network


Ecosystem Intelligence


Innovation Scouting


Ecosystem Growth


Public Funding

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How much funding do you aim to raise with DEEP?

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